Natalie Bryson Photographs

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Natalie with her six children in 1983
front: William Bryson, David Bryson
back: Elizabeth Bryson, Rebecca Bryson, Natalie, James Bryson, Amelia Taylor

Natalie Bryson

Governor Jay Inslee names Natalie Bryson as the Washington State "Citizen of the Day"

Natalie with her dear friend and regular guide in the People's Republic of China Tang Jiandong, as he arrives in Hawaii to attend law school. (Mr. Tang is now a U.S. citizen and lives with his wife and son in Minnesota.)

Natalie receiving the Pride Foundation "Community Treasure" award

Signed Pride Foundation Community Treasure Banner

Natalie Bryson and former Supt. Of Central Kitsap Schools Paul Linder - Co-Grand Marshals of the "Third 'No Boat' Parade " in Silverdale during an early "Whaling Days" event

Natalie in 2011

Natalie and Mary Ann ("Mike") Collier in front of their "Antiques and Epicure" shop in Old Silverdale

Natalie with four of her five grandchildren in late 1986
from top: Natalie, Amy Curtis, Sarah Curtis, Elizabeth Curtis, Jon Peterson

Natalie with her wonderful sister, Muriel Standley

Natalie presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by David Peterson

Natalie Bryson and Betti Sheldon

Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commissioner District 3 with Natalie Bryson
South Kitsap Commissioner Charlotte Garrido and Natalie

Patty, Natalie Bryson and Joyce

Karen Klein and Natalie Bryson

Remo Barr, Natalie Bryson and Mimi

Trudi and Jay Inslee with Natalie Bryson

Governor Jay Inslee and Natalie Bryson

Natalie sings "Hello Dolly" to Hank Mann in celebration of the end of his term as Rotary President

Natalie playing Dolly on shipboard

KCDCC group photo, 2009

Five kids and counting!
front: Amelia, Bill Jr., Beth
back: Natalie, David, Bill Sr., Rebecca
(circa 1960)

Natalie Bryson in the 1980s

Natalie Bryson at the 2009 KCDCC picnic

Larry Seaquist, Natalie Bryson and Carl Olson

Natalie in 2011

Natalie, as Grand Marshal of the Whaling Days Parade

Natalie (right) with sister Muriel Standley and daughter Beth Bryson in Massachusetts
(2009; photo credit: Sarah Standley)

Natalie and her sister Muriel Standley visiting their home state of Massachuetts, and laughing while eating ice cream (2009)

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